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Coastal Candy was developed to provide consumers, with a safe way to create the look and feel of aged layers of paint.  Add Coastal Candy to any water-based paint to create a beachy, salt-air worn effect. Coastal Candy is all-natural, earth-friendly, and adds no VOC’s to your paint or the environment.

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Coastal Candy comes in a 24oz. convenient resealable pouch.

A 24 oz. pouch will “Candy” two quarts of paint.*
Square foot coverage will depend on the type of paint used. See your paints directions.

*The amount of coastal candy needed will vary depending on paint brand used and your consistency preference.
Ideal consistency mimics cake icing.


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Add to any water-based paint to create beautiful layers of texture with a real vintage look and feel.

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Coastal Candy does so much more than give you a beachy salt air worn look.  From Coastal Chic to Old World Primitive, this easy to use paint additive gives you the look and feel of aged textured layers.