DIY Farmhouse Lamp

Use Coastal Candy to create a stunning Farmhouse inspired set of lamps.

These ugly lamps were free with some second-hand tables I had purchased.  I didn’t see any use for them at first glance, but then inspiration struck, why not transform them into something I could use.

This was fast, easy and of course therapeutic. Give me a paintbrush and stress just melts away.


Clean thoroughly.


I mixed Coastal Candy into Shabby Paints Garfield Grey until it was the consistency of icing. (Coastal Candy How To) 

Mixing Chart

Paint Coastal Candy
4 oz. 1/4 cup
8 oz. 1/2 cup
16 oz. 1 cup
Quart 2 cups


I applied by randomly dabbing, brushing and globbing this mixture onto the entire lamp base. Random strokes make for a more authentic finish.

Enhance & Protect

After it was completely dry, I applied Shabby Paints white reVAX with a soft bristle brush to add dimension.


That’s it, that easy!  Now I need to hunt down better shades or paint these ?

Stay Tuned!