Create contrasting textured layers in 4 easy steps

Coastal Candy Low Dust Formula All Natural

Multi-Color Technique

*Always start with a clean surface. Consult your paints label for proper prep and paint safety.

Multi-Color Coastal Candy Technique

This technique is great for adding even more depth by using several contrasting colors.


  1. MixCoastal Candy into several different colors of your favorite (hopefully zero VOC) paint.  You are looking for the consistency of cake frosting. These will be the colors that are revealed when you sand.  Salt Air Wash
  2. Dab or Brush-  Dab  or brush your first color mixture heavily over entire surface, creating peaks and valleys.  Let Dry. Repeat this step with contrasting colors over entire surface or just over specific areas.  Let Dry.  Repeat with as many colors as you desire.  dab technique
  3. Paint- Now you are ready to paint your final color. (No Candy required for this coat) Allow to completely dry.  How to
  4. Sand– Now the fun, sand your surface to reveal all the different colors you used in your base coat.  Sanding Coastal Candy

Coastal Candy To the Rescue 100% All Natural.

Create Patina

Create Perfect Patina

How to Coming soon!

Realistic Rust

Multi Color Technique

Raised Stencils

How to Coming soon!


  • Create contrast by using different colors for each layer. Build coats of Coastal Candy for even more contrast.
  • Practice on scrap wood to get an idea of the final look before painting a piece of furniture, or just go for it.
  • When dabbing your Coastal Candy change up the size and direction of your peaks for a more authentic finish.
  •  Finish with a tinted top coat for a realistic aged finish. 
  • Check out our other techniques for more inspiration.

Coastal Candy To the Rescue=All Natural

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